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Assume that you have developed a revolutionary new golf club that utilizes a club head made from a composite of boron, graphite and steel. The composite is made by a new lamination process to give improved peripheral weight distribution to the head. To distinguish this new club from other types and styles of clubs that you sell, you are marketing the new clubs under the name “Slammer.” To further distinguish these new clubs, you have developed and are using unique and original decorations on the club shaft. Because of the unusual weight distribution in the club head, you have prepared detailed instructions explaining how to use the clubs. Details in the manufacture of the club including the elastomeric composition of the grip, the adhesive system for attaching the club to the shaft, and the method of producing the shaft are production techniques which are not known to the general public or to your competitors.

You have several choices available to you in determining how to protect your property rights from appropriation by others: